Delusion is dreaming; enlightenment is awakening. When you’re deluded, you don’t know it’s a dream; when you wake up from the dream, then you realize it was a dream. ~ P’u-an

The honeymoon is over. Now what?

I bet you’re thinking ok now our marriage begins! WRONG! The marriage has already begun. Grooming into the marriage began when he/she proposed. With the honeymoon being over it’s really about changing our state of mind. Today love is presented to us in a very deluded way. Young girls are groomed to dream of the perfect wedding. Dress as a princess and think of ourselves as princesses; all the while we are denouncing our true worth as the Queens and Kings we are.

The event of a wedding becomes the main focal point instead of visualizing what it takes to sustain a healthy marriage. The flowers, the dress, the ring, all merely distractions in the deluded world we are spoon fed as young girls. Meanwhile young boys are groomed to dream of the perfect job; obtaining money to provide for their family. Neither group being conditioned to think of marriage. Therefore many are in for an awakening. When the music stops, and reception ends, the people leave, wedding dress comes off, and the doors close; it is in this moment we are face to face with perception meeting reality. It is in this moment disappointment sets in.

Don’t get so caught up in the fairytale that you find yourself not being realistic, because we can become entrapped in our own minds at times. With chains cuffed on us from the jaded world we reside in presently. But you are strong, and your soul is free and soaring. The mind is a powerful tool, too powerful to be asleep.

Wake up!